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Our Aims

This web site is designed specifically to give information to those who have found or have been given an injured, sick or orphaned owl. We do what we do for our love of nature, and in particular, owls. We are here to give you the first steps in looking after owls in distress by aiding you to get the best help possible. We like to think we are more than just rescuers in so much as we try to offer simple, practical help regarding most things to do with owls and owl conservation. Cotswold Owl Rescue trust is run by Erin and Bryony Holden and Geoff Dalton (Cotswold Falconry) and we receive no payment for the work we do.


The Purpose Of The Trust

The relief and protection of sick and injured native  British owls by provision and maintenance of such facilities and assistance for their treatment. To advance the education of the public about husbandry, conservation and preservation.


Unfortunately we are unable to accept corvids/pigeons/garden birds. Please visit the OAK AND FURROWS website for information on what to do if you come across an injured garden bird or other wild creature. the Oak and Furrows is highly recommended by us due to their 24/7 caring nature. Contact them on 01285 862439


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The Owl Wood Project


A new 'Owl Wood' was sponsored by the trust in May 2004. This was designed  to give people a chance to see most species of British owls as well as a variety of non native species. The 'Owl Wood' is set at the edge of the Batsford arboretum overlooking the deer park and within the Cotswold Falconry Centre.


The Owl Wood will be conservation project to ensure a healthy 'gene pool' and any owls bred will be used in conjunction with recognized breeders and the World Owl Trust.





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